Doctoral College Cyber-Physical Production Systems at TU Wien
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The support of complex industrial processes by according ICT technologies is a foundation of what is often called the next industrial revolution or "Industrie 4.0" and is therefore estimated to be a crucial research question in this field. Not surprisingly, this need has also been recognized by national and European policy makers. The topic is prominently regarded in funding schemes like the "Factories of the Future" programme of the European Union, the US Advanced Manufacturing iniative as well as major national programmes like "Produktion der Zukunft" (FFG). Also, the subject of "Industrie 4.0" has recently been established at TU Wien as an important interdisciplinary research initiative "TUWin4.0" and is the major development direction of the TU Wien Learning and Innovation Factory (LIF).

The Doctoral College "Cyber-Physical Production Systems" aims at further positioning TU Wien with TUWin4.0 as the leading research institute in Austria in this domain and to help to position the university as one of the highest ranked European research institutes in this highly relevant area. For this, the CPPS consortium brings together experts from the fields of mechanical and industrial engineering, management sciences, computer science, informatics, electrical engineering, and information technology. The goal of this interdisciplinary Doctoral College – grounded within TUWin4.0 – is to establish research collaborations among the next generation of researchers and to utilize synergies based on the different methods, approaches, and knowledge from these fields.